Resin Flooring Specialist

Arturo specialises in resin floorings and has a wide product range including mortar and Self-smoothing floors, as well as various coatings.

It has the perfect solution for either epoxy- or polyurethane-resin flooring subject to either light- or heavy-duty usage. The countless options available with Arturo floorings have been built upon a very solid foundation. Its products have been developed based on decades of expertise and experience.

Several types of resin floors are available:

  • Resin Screed are eminently suitable for industrial buildings, slaughterhouses, commercial kitchens, workshops and locations where high demands are placed on floors in terms of their mechanical load-bearing capacity, chemical resistance and hygiene.
  • A major advantage of a polyurethane-based floor is its high elasticity. Polyurethane-based floors are also less susceptible to crack and are sound-insulation thanks to their flexible composition. They are perfectly suited to use in homes, schools, stores, laboratories, hospitals, printers, canteens and museums.
  • For heavy-duty purposes, epoxy-based floors are a better alternative, as they are harder and more wear-resistant. Both types are highly chemical-resistant.