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NEWS, 13.12.2019 - Save time with the Arturo Epoxy Accelerator!

It often happens that floors cannot be put out of use for a long period of time. Therefore, Arturo Unique Flooring introduces an accelerator that reduces the curing time significantly. The Arturo Epoxy Accelerator is excellent for the use of new-build projects, repair and renovation.

Healthier during installation

The Arturo team is continuously working on the development of products. The focus lies on a safe and healthy work environment. Therefore, the Arturo Epoxy Accelerator will replace the Arturo EP6250 because it is healthier during installation. The accelerator is solvent-free and contains raw materials that are more sustainable. The low viscosity will retain in the primers, making installation very easy.

Time is money! The Arturo Epoxy Accelerator is easy to install and has a fast curing time. Making it possible to work even faster and more efficiently. In addition, the accelerator can be used in various primers and therefore it is not necessary to keep multiple primers in stock.

During the mixing process, the Arturo Epoxy Accelerator can be added to the following Arturo Epoxy Primers/Scratch Coats:

Three days system
With the accelerator, the floor can be revised after approx. 3-4 hours*. Not only does it have impact on the primers/scratch coats, but it also has a beneficial effect on the lead time of the entire floor system. The accelerator can save up to two days of installation due to the fast curing time. The Arturo Epoxy Accelerator makes it possible to install the primer, scratch coat and self-smoothing floor in one day*.


The accelerator is available in 0.7 kg cans. For an easy handling, one can fits into a 10 kg set of Arturo Epoxy Primers/Scratch Coats. In addition, the Arturo Epoxy Accelerator is available in a value-pack of 25 kg.

7% on a mixed set of 10 kg (e.g.: 10 kg Arturo EP6500 Primer : 0.7 kg Arturo Epoxy Accelerator).

Now available
Arturo Epoxy Accelerator is now available. Replacing the Arturo EP6250 Primer.

More information about the Arturo Epoxy Accelerator?

Product - Arturo Epoxy Accelerator

*at 20°C and 65% r.h.

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