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News, 28.01.2020 - Special Attention Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can affect the application of Arturo products . If you follow these guidelines, you can avoid problems.

Storage and transport
We draw your attention to the fact that during too cold ( < 2 ° C / 36°F) storage and transport you must protect all products. There are products that require other circumstances. For example the B-component PU–Self Levelling Floors must be protected from cold (< 10°C/ < 50°F). For the exact temperature and humidity , please check to the product data sheets .

Processing and curing of products
When using Arturo products in autumn and winter the following applies:

  • Floor temperature at least 10°C/ 50°F (at night )
  • Application temperature at least 15°C / 59°F
  • Maximum relative humidity: 75 %
  • Please order in good time so that the material can acclimatise to 15 °C before processing on the construction site. Otherwise, negative effects may occur that affect the quality.

Lower temperatures extend the curing time or stop in the worst case hardening. Due to a high humidity is more easily dewing on the floor, this has a negative influence on the adhesion between the layer and the product properties.

Seal Layers 1C PU
Extra attention for 1C PU Sealers/ Coatings : This 1C PU Sealers/ Coatings are moisture curing . This means that the relative humidity and temperature play an important role in the curing and degree of gloss / matt quality of the seal layer. With varying humidity , temperatures , thicknesses and air flows from eg heaters variations in gloss can occur.