Arturo EP2490 Flooring System (ESD Protection)

Electrically conductive, epoxy self-smoothing flooring system suitable for ESD-protected areas and cleanrooms.

  • Self-smoothing Floor
  • Conductive Primer
  • Copper Tape/Conducting Set
  • Primer/Scratch Coat
  • Subfloor/Concrete

Product information


  • Electrically conducting
  • Resistant to impacts, shocks and abrasion
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Carbon fibre free
  • Wide range of colours

The System:

Flooring System
Multilayered epoxy based system

Layer Thickness
Approx. 2 mm

Load Limit
Medium loads

Areas of Use
•     Rooms with sensible electronics
•     Semiconductors and electronics industry
•     Microbiology and chemistry
•     Pharmacy
•     Production rooms for electric parts
•     Cleanrooms

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