Arturo EP2490 Self-smoothing Floor (electrically conducting, ESD protection)

This Self-smoothing Floor is especially suitable for ESD-protection-zones, where a small electrostatic charge and a conductive surface are required. Arturo EP2490 is used as a finish on floors that are exposed to light and medium loads on mineral subsoils, for example for rooms with sensible electronics, semiconductors and electronics industry, microbiology and chemistry, pharmacy and production rooms for electric parts.

  • Layer Thickness:  2.00 mm
  • Characteristics:
    - Electically conducting
    - Component protection
    - Correspond ESD requirements according to DIN EN 61340-5-1
    - Resistant to impacts, shocks and wear
    - Impermeable to liquids
    - Available in lots of colours
    - Easy handling
    - Self-smoothing
  • Usage: Conductive / Medium- to heavy-duty


Conductance Strips:

  • Copper tape