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How do I purchase Arturo?
Through one of our recommended installers. Please contact us for further information.

Do you have a list of recommended installers?
Yes. Please contact us so we can put forward an appropriate contractor.

Is it easy to clean?
If you have the right cleaning equipment and liquids, yes. Click here.

Is it slip resistant?
When dry, all of our systems have a good degree of slip resistance. When spillages occur or if there are areas that are continuously wet and require a higher degree of slip resistance, we can adjust the texture of the seal coats.

Can it be installed over existing floor finishes?
It can, but depends hugely on what is existing and how sound / well bonded it is. 

How long is the processing time? (after mixing)
The processing times of the Arturo products differ from product to product. For most Arturo products, there is a processing time of at least 20 minutes. There are products (1 component or water-based) that have a longer processing time. For the processing time per product, please refer to the product documentation.

How long should the components be mixed?
With two-component products, a minimum mixing time of 2 minutes should be respected. Is there a 3rd component added than it should be mixed at least 1 minute additionally. A good mixture provides a consistent product and gives the best results.

How fast can a resin floor be used?
In general, after applying the last layer, the floor can be charged mechanically after 3 x 24 hours and after 7 x 24 hours chemically and with water.

Is a primer always necessary?
No, a primer is not always necessary. For the adhesion, a primer is not necessary. Under mortar, mastic and pebble floors Unipro recommends a primer. Under coating floors advises Unipro in special situations to use a primer.

Substrates must always blasted / sanded?
No, not all substrates must be blasted. Unipro recommends dense, non-absorbent substrates to be sanded or blasted. Also soiled substrates should be (flame)blasted, with the ultimate objective, to obtain good adhesion to the subfloor.

Hoe long is the total duration of the application of a flooring system?
This is different for each system. There are systems that are applied in two days (coating), but the application of a system can also take 4 to 5 days (e.g. mortar floors with a seal layer).

What is the difference between a self levelling floor and a coating?
The main differences are the thickness and application method. Self-levelling floors have are a minimum thickness of 1 mm and the material can be poured. Coating Floors are floors with a maximum thickness of 0.5 mm. These floors are applied with of a roller.

Are all colours available?
For Arturo epoxy based products almost all RAL colours are available. Some of the colours require a longer production time. Some colours, mainly yellow, orange and red are not opaque in 2 coats. Unipro recommends to apply under these colors a first layer in the color 7035.
Arturo polyurethane-based products are available in many colours. For the entire available range, have a look at the Arturo Colour Overview or at our Arturo Color Collection.

Can you colour match?
For the majority of requests, yes, except for metallic or pearlescent colours. 

Do you have samples of your finishes?
Yes. Please contact us for further information.

Are resin floor systems appropriotate for outdoor use?
The Arturo products are generally only for indoor applications. For outdoor applications advises Unipro to contact our technical department.

Can someone come and survey my project?
We have an experienced team that can assess your project and help tailor a specification to meet your needs and requirements.

Can I install it myself?
We only supply our products to experienced installers. Please contact us for further information.  

How much does it cost?
This will depend on the chosen flooring system as these can vary from floor seals installed at 150 µm to thicker systems > 6mm. An experienced installer will be able to provide you with a quotation. 

Do you have a warranty?
In the UK and the netherlands we guarantee our products against manufacturing defects. 

Do you have any reference sites where I can see your flooring installed?
Yes. Please contact us for a list of reference sites. Click here to see some examples.

What about repairs?
Localised repairs are easily carried out, although will be visible, especially upon initial completion. This is a very quick process and, unlike a vinyl or tile finish, will remain completely seamless and impermeable to liquids.

Where can it be installed?
Resin flooring is extremely versatile and almost certainly one of our systems will meet your flooring needs.

Why should I choose a Resin floor?
Resin floorings are seamless and impermeable, meaning they’re hygienic and easy to clean; available in a range of colours with virtually limitless design possibilities; offer safe environments thanks to its slip resistance; easy to repair and provide outstanding durability; exceptional chemical and mechanical resistance make it the flooring of choice for most industries; highly resistant to UV light, a range of temperatures and resistance to cracking in certain finishes.

Is it resistance to staining from spillages?
There is no type of flooring that will be resistant to staining from spillages of all existing chemicals. In summary, resin flooring offers exceptional resistance to staining from common agents, such as coffee, tea, wine and sugary drinks. For more information, please speak to a team member or refer to the chemical resistance lists on the website. 

Can it be used with UFH?

What sets you apart from your rivals?
We are part of the Uzin Utz group with over 100 years experience in flooring. The group incorporates a whole wealth of flooring skills with brands such as Uzin, Arturo, Wolff, Pallmann and Codex. Our company encompasses anything and everything to do with the installation, renovations and maintenance of all types of floor coverings. Our Arturo products are manufactured in the greenest production facility in the Netherlands.