We are constantly looking for new trends and are inspired by the international trends in fashion, music, art, design, interior and culture. With our design collections, we want to show the diversity that Arturo can offer. It is more than just a functional base of an area. Each Arturo floor is unique. It is the result of personal inspiration and creation. Discover the latest trends and the variety of design possibilities!

Arturo Color Collection 3.0

Choice of 64 trend colours

Choosing a new floor in the right style and colour is not done with a flick of the wrist. It concerns your personal living or working environment. What exactly do you want to achieve? With the Arturo Style Compass, we make choosing colours easy.

FIrst select your style design

We want to create the most attractive and suitable options for your style and requirements. This is why we follow the worldwide trends in art, culture, design and interiors. We use it to present ou with six different styles with matching floor colours. Each design has a natural twist: inspired by nature.

Then choose your colour

The six styles have their own design and colour palette. The colours are divided into four unicolours and four concrete-look colours with subtle huers. You can then easily determine your design and choose the floor for your space

COSMIC FUSION - Flour colour of the year 2023

The colour of the year 2024 is Cosmic Fusion!

Embrace the warmth of Cosmic Fusion. This colour perfectly matches the current need to escape the stimuli and unrest brought by the rapidly changing world. The warm sand colour of Cosmic Fusion brings balance and creates a warm, soothing atmosphere in every work and living environment.

Cosmic Fusion is part of the "Kalahari" world within the Color Collection 3.0. This style is warm and airy, offering a colour palette from light sand shades to dark earth tones that feel cozy and familiar.

Color Collection 3.0 - Inspired by Nature


In the Arturo Color Collection there is no limit in colour and creativity. We present various styles, trends and possibilities in the Arturo Color Collection brochure. Read the brochure and discover which style suits you best.

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Arturo Concreta

Arturo Concreta

Create stunning interior spaces with a rustic appearance with a decorative, robust and seamless finish. Gentle marbling produces gorgeous colour tones and a slightly textured finish. Arturo Concreta cementitious self-smoothing floors consist of mineral components such as sand, cement and water for a natural look and feel.

Just 'match your style' with this stunning self-smoothing floor!


Arturo Concreta is available in ten stylish colours. Choose a suitable colour that will give the interior a rustic and robust look. Arturo Concreta is a cementitious product that is mixed with water and colour pigment. When poured and installed, it creates a durable, seamless, marbled appearance that gives each floor its own natural look & feel.

Discover Arturo Concreta


All the information you need about Arturo Concreta in one brochure. Have a look at the brochure and discover the various possibilities!

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10 stylish colours

Our recommendations

Arturo PU2030

UV-stable, highly elastic design self-smoothing floor with comfort underfoot and shore D 30 (2-C, PU)

Arturo PU2035

Highly elastic, decorative self-smoothing floor with comfort underfoot and shore D 30 (2-C, PU)

Arturo PU2060

Elastic, decorative self-smoothing floor with shore-D 60 (2-C, PU)

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