In retail, a great first impression is essential. An attractive floor is inviting, raises curiosity and contributes to a positive customer experience. Create the perfect design for your floor to make table displays real eye catchers. Arturo Self-smoothing Flooring systems combine the highest design qualities with optimal functionality.

Sustainable and long lifespan

The flooring systems can be optimally adjusted to the desired requirements. Self-smoothing Flooring systems offer increased underfoot comfort, reduce sounds, are abrasion-resistant and easy to clean. In addition, they have a long lifespan in which the positive characteristics continue to stand out even with high-frequency walking.

Unique design possibilities

As the self-smoothing floors specialist, we are able to offer you unique designs that match the desired brand style. Or are you looking for a more modest and minimalistic concrete look that is applied through a special trowel technique? Almost everything is possible with the Arturo Color Collection! We have combined 80 trend colors into 8 interior styles. Our team of advisers will be happy to offer you customized solutions for a wide range of application areas, from grocery stores to hairdressers and fashion boutiques.

Suited for new-build and renovation

Thanks to the minimal layer thickness of 2-3mm, Arturo Self-smoothing Flooring systems are often intalled in renovation projects. Depending on the subfloor, installation on existing floors is possible. As the existing floor is used as base, it will reduce the renovation time.

Safe and healthy

Our floors are not only unique, easy to clean and comfortable but they are also solvent free and have a low-emission according to the German AgBB standards. They meet the strictest requirements of the “Ausschuss zur Gesundheitliche Bewertung von Bauprodukten” (AgBB), to ensure a healthy built environment. This ensures a healthy indoor climate for the installer and end-user.

Discover Arturo Flooring Systems

We have various flooring systems that are very suitable for retail . Below you will find a selection of the most common flooring systems. Or have a look at our Arturo Color Collection here.

Arturo PU2030 Flooring System

Arturo PU2035 Flooring System

Arturo PU2060 Flooring System

Arturo Concreta Flooring System

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