An Arturo Self-smoothing Flooring system gives a feeling of coming home. Do you go for a concrete look, a colourful floor, natural colours or modern white? Arturo floors make a unique statement in any space! But the practical pros such as increased underfoot comfort, easy cleaning, sustainability and the possibility to combine floor heating, are also convincing arguments.

Comfortable & unique

Looking for an unique self-smoothing floor that will perfectly fit the interior design style you have in mind? Arturo is the right choice! Our self-smoothing floors can be fitted in all rooms from the basement to the attic. From a sturdy concrete look in the living, hygienic floors in the kitchen and bathroom to unique designs in each bedroom.

Easy to clean

The Arturo Self-smoothing Flooring systems create a seamless surface. This avoids the attachment and accumulation of dirt. Just ‘simply’ sweep or vacuum clean and the floor is spotless again. Arturo floors also offer increased underfoot comfort and can be perfectly combined with floor heating for extra warm feet!

Unlimited design options

Whether it concerns a unicolor self-smoothing floor, concrete look or an unique design, Arturo offers unlimited design options! We supply our flooring systems in almost all conceivable colors and will be happy to advise you on making the right colour choice. To make things easier, we have developed the Arturo Color Collection in 8 different interior design styles. Get inspired by the Arturo Style Compass with an extensive range of trendy colours and creative possibilities, and go for the Arturo floor of your choice.

Safe & healthy

Our floors are not only unique, easy to clean and comfortable but they are also solvent free and have a low-emission according to the German AgBB standards. They meet the strictest requirements of the “Ausschuss zur Gesundheitliche Bewertung von Bauprodukten” (AgBB), to ensure a healthy built environment. This ensures a healthy indoor climate for the installer and end-user.

Arturo PU2030 Flooring System

Arturo PU2035 Flooring System

Arturo PU2060 Flooring System

Arturo Concreta Flooring System

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