Low emission Arturo floors Good for you and your customer

Arturo brings nature indoors with floors inspired by the Earth's landscape and environment. Arturo floors help create a natural ambience through colours and athmosphere. Now, a new significant step has been achieved. Arturo floors with a very low emission. They are meeting the strictest health and environmental requirements. So the indoors feels a bit more like the outdoors again.

Sustainable construction is becoming increasingly important. That also includes low-emission floors. Arturo introduces therefore a fully EMICODE® EC1 PLUS certificied self-smoothing flooring system. Which is pretty unique for a self-smoothing flooring system. You will find the low-emission floor that fits your project perfectly!

The Arturo PU2060 Self-smoothing Flooring system with a very low emission

Arturo introduces a fully EMICODE® EC1 PLUS certified self-smoothing system. A self-smoothing floor with the lowest possible emissions, meeting the strictest health and environmental requirements. In early 2023, we achieved the EMICODE®  seal of approval for the first products. All products in the Arturo PU2060 Self-smoothing Flooring System have achieved the best class: EMICODE® EC1 PLUS.

Achieving this classification for products in a full PU-flooring system, surely is quite unique. We are one of the first suppliers in the resin flooring market to take the next step and meet these most stringent emission requirements in the construction industry. Better for the processor and for the end user.

The Arturo PU2060 Self-smoothing flooring system with EMICODE® EC1 PLUS

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The EMICODE® classification system

EMICODE® is a classification system used to assess the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in construction materials. EMICODE® certification assists professionals in selecting materials with lower VOC emissions. The EMICODE® classification system assigns various levels to construction materials. These levels are EC1 PLUS (very low emission), EC1 (low emission), and EC2 (limited acceptable emission). Only products that meet the strictest criteria are
awarded the highest category: EMICODE® EC1 PLUS.

Products with a higher EMICODE® classification contribute to:
- A healthier indoor climate
- Improvement of air quality
- Reduction of exposure to harmful substances

Arturo products with an EMICODE® EC1 PLUS classification are recognised by BREEAM and LEED, making them suitable for use in new construction and renovation projects such as schools, offices, and homes.

More information

Our flyer of our healthiest floor is a helpful guide to convey the information to your customers. For example, you will find information about the entire Arturo PU2060 Self-smoothing Flooring system with its properties, read more about what EMICODE® means and find out what this development means for BREEAM and LEED.


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