The floors of garages & workshops are often exposed to various mechanical and chemical loads. Think of fuels, road salts, varying temperatures and moisture. And the use of heavy machinery and tools often results in high point loads. This is why our Arturo flooring systems are highly suited to permanently protect the floors of garages & workshops. They will ensure long-term functionality and sustainability.

Customized solution

The Arturo OS8-systems (DAfStb) can be used for new-build, renovation and quick repairs of floors with between decks, ramps, entries & exits and loading platforms & footpaths. In application areas with low to medium loads, Arturo flooring systems offer an efficient solution.

Wide range of design options

The wide range of colours enables creating clear parking spaces or workshops by text signs or colour accents. It is also possible to integrate the company logo or specific colours of a house style in the floor. This way you can create the perfect entrance for visitors & customers and ensure a comfortable working environment.


  • Seamless & impermeable
  • Long lifespan thanks to the high abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance properties against fuels, oil and road salt
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to simple cleaning
  • Wide range of colours

Discover Arturo Flooring Systems

We can supply you with a custom-made flooring system that meets the necessary requirements of the user. Below you can find a selection of Arturo's most common flooring systems:

Arturo OS8 Vloersysteem 1,5 mm

Arturo OS8 Vloersysteem 2,5 mm

Arturo EP3900/EP3910 Vloersysteem

Arturo EP3010 Vloersysteem

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