Get inspired with the Arturo Color Collection 2.0

With the Arturo Color Collection 2.0 we present the latest trends and colours to you. Of course, we have kept the colours that have stood the test of time over the years.

The floor forms the foundation for your personal work and living environment. Colour plays a leading role in this. Colour evokes emotion, creates the right perception and creates a style that suits you. Get inspired and discover the hidden potential of resin design flooring.

With the new Arturo Colour Collection 2.0 you can give every interior and space an atmosphere that looks and feels good. Arturo Colour Collection allows you to create your own route towards your favourite floor via the Arturo Style Compass® which presents you with a sea of styles, trends and options.

Choosing a new floor, in the right colour, is not a simple thing. We bring them together in the Arturo Style Compass®, presenting you with eight different interior styles, which closely follow global trends in art, culture and design. This allows you to easily determine your direction and choose the unicolor, betonlook or flakes floor that suits you. In addition to this colours we present the Arturo Evergreens. Basic unicolors en betonlooks that have proven their staying power over the years.

Get inspired and discover the Arturo Colour Collection website with 80 trend colours.

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