New universal primer for Arturo resin floors

Arturo EP6500 Primer (2-C, EP) is the new primer in the Arturo product range and will soon replace the Arturo EP6900 Primer.

Innovation en development

The Research & Development department of Arturo is continuously improving existing products for example by using new raw materials which are more sustainable and healthier. That's good for the environment and for the people who work with the products. The new EP6500 Primer is a further development of Arturo EP6900 and will soon replace it.
With the Arturo EP6500 Primer, an optimal preparation of the substrate as basis for the subsequent layers succeeds:

  • the ground is sealed airtight
  • when used as scratch coats discrepanties can be removed
  • the primer serves as an optimal bonding layer to the next layer.

Universal application

Arturo EP6500 is a 2-component, solvent-free, epoxy resin-based primer .It is suitable as a multi-porpose primer on cement, anhydrite and magnesite bound subfloors. Arturo EP6500 is intended for use as a primer under EP and PU self-smoothings, for manufacturing scratch coat (max.1:1 with Arturo sand, grain size 0.1 - 0.3 mm) and as an adhesion layer, wet-in-wet under EP mortar.

Advantages at a glance

The primer is characterized by a very good intermediate adhesion on mineral substrates and is tested against risk of moisture at the reverse sid. Thanks to anti foam effect, it is easy to process and hardens quickly. The primer contains no silicon or other surface active substances, is suitable for the food industry and approved by the commitee for Health-Realated Evaluation (AgBB), tested in the system with the resin floors Arturo PU2030 and PU2060.

Now available

Arturo EP6500 Primer is immediately available in 10 and 25 kg sets:

Set: A+B = 10 kg.
A component: 6.67kg, art. no. 084720
B component: 3.33 kg, art. no. 084721

Set: A+B =25 kg.
A component 16.67 kg, art. no. 082323
B component: 8.33 kg, art. no. 082324

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