Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed with improved recipe

Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed with improved recipe

We are continuously working on improving the quality of our products, taking into account current developments in the field of sustainability and legislation. As a result, we have succeeded in producing the Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed from now on with an improved recipe. You know the proven resin screed as functional and decorative solutionh for floors with high demands on mechanical and chemical resistance as well as hygiene. By using even more sustainable raw materials, the Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed can now be applied even more easily.

Work and live healthier

Fortunately, people's health awareness is increasing. The health of those who apply our Arturo products and that of the end users of our Arturo floors has highest priority for us.  As the "greenest" factory in the Netherlands, UZIN UTZ Nederland is happy to contribute to this. By using more sustainable raw materials in the Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed, you can work with it even more safely. Our entire Resin Screed Floor System, including primers and sealers, was tested according to the strict AgBB guidelines and passed with excellent results. This makes UZIN UTZ Nederland the first supplier in the Netherlands to be able to supply a completely benzyl alcohol-free resin screed system with the lowest emissions on the market. It is therefore the best resin screed system for the health of appliers and users!

Product benefits

With the formulation improvement of the Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed, the technical benefits  have remained unchanged, the compressive strength has even been improved. Other important product features are:

  • Very high resistant to impacts, shocks and abrasion
  • High flexural and compressive strength
  • Good resistance to chemicals and temperatures
  • Also available in a slip-resistant version
  • Suitable for creating skirtings and upstands

More product information?

Here you can find all information about the product Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed and the Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed Floor System.



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