Antislip agent

Polypropylene granulate ensuring a slip-resistant surface in combination with Arturo Sealers Arturo EP7610, PU3320, PU7180, PU7310, PU7320, PU7750 PU7900, PU7975


Arturo antislip agents are suitable to be processed in the following Arturo Sealers: 

  • Arturo EP7610 Sealer (2-C, EP, matt, transparent)*
  • Arturo PU7180 Sealer (1-C, PU, gloss, transparent)*
  • Arturo PU7750 Sealer (2-C, PU, dull matt, transparent)*
  • Arturo PU7320 Sealer (2-C, PU, satin, transparent)*
  • Arturo PU3320 Sealer (2-C, PU, satin, coloured)*


  • Available in different gradations
  • White colour
  • Polypropylene 

Technical data

Ordering information

Article Packsize
Arturo Antislip Agent 4/5 kg Sealer 0,1375 kg 35622 Art. No. 35622 Bucket à 0.1375 kg for a 5 kg Arturo Sealer: Arturo PU7180 Sealer, Arturo PU7750 Sealer, Arturo PU7975 Sealer, Art. No. 79617 Bucket à 0.165 kg for a 6 kg Arturo Sealer: Arturo PU7320 Sealer, Arturo PU3320 Floor Coating
Arturo Antislip Agent 6/6,5 Sealer 0,165 kg 79617 Bucket à 0,165 kg

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