Arturo Epoxy Accelerator

To accelerate the curing of Arturo epoxy primers/scratch coats 


Excellent for the use of new-build projects, repair and renovation.

During the mixing process, the Arturo Epoxy Accelerator can be added to the following Arturo Epoxy Primers/Scratch Coats:

  • Arturo EP6200 Scratch Coat
  • Arturo EP6500 Primer
  • Arturo EP6600 Primer
  • Arturo EP6955 Primer OS8
  • Arturo EP2500 (only as scratch coat)

Please note: it is not possible to use Arturo Epoxy Accelerator in combination with the above products in varying/large layer thicknesses, e.g. repairing cracks.  


  • It shortens the curing time to 80%*
  • Universally applicable for Arturo EP Primers/Scratch Coats
  • Re-apply the second layer after approx. 3-4 hours*
  • Short decommissioning of the room
  • To be added to Arturo Epoxy Primers/Scratch Coats that are in stock
  • Install the primer, scratch coating and screed in one day*
  • Easy to process thanks to its low viscosity

Technical data

Mixing ratio

7% of a mixed set

Ordering information

Article Packsize
Arturo Epoxy Accelerator 0,7kg 89655 0.7 kg / 25 kg
Arturo Epoxy Accelerator 25kg 10385 0.7 kg / 25 kg

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