Arturo EP6700

Very low emission, 2-component, epoxy-based primer, damp-proof membrane and resin for use as a scratch coat.


It is suitable as a primer on cement, anhydrite and magnesite bound subfloors. Arturo EP6700 Primer is especially suitable:

  • As a primer under EP and PU self-smoothings.
  • For manufacturing scratch coat (max.1:1 with Arturo sand, grain size 0.1 - 0.3 mm or Arturo Filler).
  • As an adhesion layer, wet-in-wet under EP mortar.
  • Moisture barrier on cement bound subfloors (max. 5% residual moisture content) 


  • Very low emission
  • Easy to process
  • Good intermediate adhesion
  • Universal use (as a primer as well as a scratch coat)
  • Moisture barrier (< 5% CM)

Technical data


200-350 g/m² as a primer. 500-1300 g/m² as a scratch coat (depends on the surface)
Damp-proof membrane: always film-forming and closed, min. 500 g/m² on concrete, min. 700 g/m² on anhydrite and cementitious screeds. See ‘Arturo Informationsheet Osmose’.

Mixing ratio

67.0 part by weight comp. A
33.0 part by weight comp. B

Solids content


Ordering information

Arturo EP6700 25 kg 163451

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