Stylish, durable self-smoothing floors and coatings adorn Arcus College, Heerlen.


Building type Education
Area (m²) 6.300 m² self-smoothing floor and 11.400 m² coating floor

Arturo PU self-smoothing floors in a stylish grey tone have been installed in the corridors, canteen and all other public spaces at the new Arcus College in Heerlen. In the emergency stairways, a glossy resin floor coating was applied directly on the concrete subfloors. The same slip resistant coating was also applied in the landings, underground car park and bicycle sheds at the school.

 “IAA Architecten involved us early on to help come up with the most suitable floors”, explains Jeroen Strecker, Brand Manager at UZIN UTZ Nederland for the Arturo Flooring brand. “For budgetary reasons floor coatings were initially included in the specifications. But during construction a different system was used in a number of places. Floor coating are, with their modest thickness less, durable than for example self-smoothing floors. Durability was also required in this project as each day several thousands of pupils use the corridors and public spaces in the building.”

One whole
Ultimately 6,300 m² of self-smoothing floors were installed. Jeroen explains “A 2 mm thick self-smoothing floor with decorative flakes was chosen as this ensures an attractive appearance over a large area. Both the self-smoothing floors and the coatings were given a protective top finish by  Bovitec the flooring contractor to further enhance the life and cleanability of the floor.” In the industrial kitchens epoxy-self-smoothing floors were selected that have better resistance to shear loads caused by trolleys and service vehicles. The underground car park, the bicycle shed and the landings have been given special slip resistant treatment for additional protection.

The project was completed in May 2014. Arcus College is full of praise.  “The self-smoothing floors and coatings not only have an attractive appearance, they are also very practical and ideal for a school environment”, explains Wim Florie, facility manager at the Arcus College.“

Arturo products are produced by UZIN UTZ Nederland b.v. Besides Arturo, the company supplies the Uzin, Pallmann and codex brands and have a complete range for installing all types of floor coverings. For the renovation of Arcus College, besides the self-smoothing floors and coatings the company also supplied Uzin adhesives with which Condor Vloeren laid the carpets. “We have given a 10 year guarantee for all the work”, explains Jeroen. 


Project information

Building: Arcus College Heerlen
Function: school
Architect: IAA Architecten
Contractor: LAUDY Bouw & Ontwikkeling
Floorer: Bovitec
Carpet: Condor Vloeren
Area: 6300 m² self-smooting floor and 11400 m² coating system.
Delivery date: may 2014

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