Tailored self-smoothing floor meets the wishes of Haans Autoschades.


Building type Retail
Area (m²) ca. 300 m²
FloorerVerhoof Floor Systems

The private car collection of Bart Haans, director of Haans Autoschades, has been housed since the end of 2015 in the new showroom on the first floor of his auxiliary company premises in Tilburg. The clean-lined finish of the walls, design furniture and light grey self-smoothing floor not only give the showroom a luxury appearance, they also mean the cars there are a ‘blast’. The floors were processed by Verhoof Floor Systems, the tenant of the ground floor of the Haans company premises. There the company was confronted by the necessary challenges.

“The floor on the top floor consisting of concrete hollow-core slabs encapsulated in the steel frame of the premises moves enormously”, explains Robin Verschuren on behalf of Verhoof Floor Systems. “This caused cracks in the concrete floor that could not always be taken care of by the elastic self-smoothing floors from Arturo. The purpose of the showroom also brought its own challenges. For example, car tyres contain softeners and other additives which the sealer of the self-smoothing floor is not particularly resistant to. Our challenge was to find an appropriate solution for this.”

On the advice of Arturo, Verhoof Floor Systems got in touch with Unifloor, a manufacturer and supplier of among other things Jumpax® cement-bonded panels (CP), with which a levelling subfloor can be very simply laid that also accommodates all movements of the construction. “The Jumpax® CP system is made up of a bottom and top plate with a size per plate of 60 cm wide, 120 cm long and 6 mm thick, that is very simply adhered overlapping by interactive adhesive with protective foil in half-brick bond”, explains Robert van Leeuwen on behalf of Unifloor. “The result is a very stable and flat subfloor, with excellent contact noise-resistance and fire-resistant properties and a very high compressive stress.” Wool felt in the form of 3-mm Greenfloor is laid under the floor plates to further enhance these properties. A dilatation joint is provided in the centre of the floor. Verhoof Floor Systems used edging foil along the sides of the building so the self-smoothing floor could be laid fully separate from the construction.

To obtain an attractive, uniform surface for the self-smoothing floors the Jumpax CP plate floor was provided with levelling material with the UZIN NC 170 LevelStar from UZIN UTZ Nederland in a thickness of approx. 3 mm. The Arturo PU2060 Self-smoothing Floor was laid on top in the colour Telegrey 4 (RAL 7047). “The self-smoothing floor is finished with the highly wear-resistant, UV-stable sealer Arturo PU7900 in the same RAL colour as the self-smoothing floor, that further enhances the attractive appearance, safety, life and cleanability of the floors”, explains Jeroen Strecker, Arturo Brand Manager.. “On top an extra transparent and highly wear- and scratch-resistant Arturo PU7975 Sealer is applied for extra protection. The result is a durable, tidy and seamless floor that can also cope with heavy weights and is highly chemical-resistant.” Small plexiglass plates are laid under the car tyres to protect the floor against possible migration that certain additives in the car tyres may cause.”

Bart Haans is very satisfied with the result. “The floor is super and has already more than proved itself”, he explains. “No cracks have appeared despite the heavy weights of the cars. The floor supports my collection, literally and figuratively.”


Project information
 Haans Autoschades, Tilburg
Floorer: Verhoof Floor Systems, Tilburg
Subfloor: Unifloor Jumpax CP and Greenfloor
Floor system: Arturo PU2060 Self-smoothing Floor (RAL 7047) with Arturo PU7900 Floor Coating (RAL 7047) and Arturo PU7975 Sealer
Area: circa 300 m²
Delivery date: eind 2015

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