Education, child-minding and guidance are combined in a special way at KindCentrum Borgele in Deventer. The Borgloschool (standard education), De Linde (special education), Partou (child-care facilities) and the orthopedagogy day centre (ODC) ’t Lantaarntje together offer a unique form of Tailored Education for all children in the area.


Building type Education
Area ca. 1.500 m²
Country Netherlands

At ODC ’t Lantaarntje children up to eighteen years of age with an intellectual disability and/or multiple and/or related disorders are given assistance, with a child-friendly and wheelchair-accessible environment including group spaces, a multi-sensory stimulation room, a playroom, an interior sand pit and a swimming pool. “Deciding on the right floor for our children’s centre was not easy”, explains Roelien Ten Pas, team leader at ’t Lantaarntje. “Our previous accommodation had different synthetic floors that proved to be insufficient for our intense use. This was a reason to go in search of an alternative solution.”

Robust floors that can certainly take a knock
Ten Pas came into contact with Arturo through Te Kiefte Architectuur, and she discovered the advantages of self-smoothing floors. “I looked at various floors in the showroom in Haaksbergen and obtained information about the robustness and possibilities of the floor before the next challenge arose: choosing the right colour. We emphatically took account of the requirements of our target group, including children with autism or delayed sensory processing.” Where the architect had prescribed vivid colours, ’t Lantaarntje ultimately went for a natural green. This was after gaining advice including from colour scientist Iris Bakker, who investigated the influence of natural colours on the development of children. “In the first instance the idea was to create three zones with different natural shades, for which Ten Pas took three resin floor samples”, explains Thea Kruders designer at Arturo FlooringArturo Flooring. “On the basis of the colours we specially developed three concrete looks. However, one colour shade was ultimately chosen for the general spaces to create a maximum of peace for the children. The concrete look ensures a mottled floor surface that creates a lively effect. In combination with the seamless finish this ensures greater calm among the users.”

Layered construction
On the advice of Arturo all self-smoothing floors (approx. 1,500 m²) were laid by Soldicoat. “All floors in ’t Lantaarntje are provided with underfloor heating over which a sand cement covering floor was poured. On top of that we laid the self-smoothing floors that are made up of four layers”, explains Nils Aarnink, director of Soldicoat. “In the living rooms, multi-sensory stimulation room, interior sand pit, therapy rooms, circulation areas and the gym we laid an Arturo EP6900 Primer and an Arturo EP6200 Scratch Coat, followed by an Arturo PU2030 Self-smoothing Floor in a non-yellowing quality (UV-stable) and Arturo PU7975 Sealer. In the toilet facilities and bathrooms we chose a self-smoothing floor in RAL 7024 with fine flakes and rounded skirting that is simple to clean. Finally, in the swimming pool we laid a blue epoxy self-smoothing floor with a coarser anti-slip top layer with quartz sand for optimal safety. This self-smoothing floor is made up of an Arturo EP6900 Primer, Arturo EP6200 Scratch Coat, Arturo EP2500 Self-smoothing Floor and Arturo EP3910 Floor Coating.”

Project information
Location: KindCentrum Borgele
Architect: Te Kiefte Architectuur, Borne
Floorer: Soldicoat, Deventer
Self-smoothing floor system: Arturo PU2030 Self-smoothing Floor with Arturo PU7975 Sealer
Self-smoothing floor system swimpool: Arturo EP2500 Self-smoothing Floor whit Arturo EP3910 Floor Coating

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