Arturo industrial floor systems offer a wear-resistant surface that is also suitable for heavy loads in production and storage halls.

Kissling Elektrotechnik GmbH in Stuttgart is an international supplier of high-quality relays and switches. The floors in the production and storage halls were due for renovation.


Building type Industry
Area 13.500 m²
Country Germany

The building was partly provided with a concrete subfloor and partly old magnesite flooring. The concrete was shot blasted for subfloor preparation The magnesite floor had to be removed because it was damaged. After removal, special quick-drying cement was used to ensure a low-shrinkage, dimensionally stabile covering floor, the UZIN SC 980.

Self-smoothing floor application
Now the resin floor system could be applied. Arturo EP6900 was used as a primer/scratch coat to guarantee excellent adhesion following layers and to level uneven floor surfaces. Then the Arturo EP2500 Self-smoothing Floor was applied in RAL colours 7042 and 1001. The self-smoothing floor is hard and highly pressure- and wear-resistant. It is also highly suitable for heavy mechanical loads. Arturo Flakes in the colours black and white were sprinkled on the wet self-smoothing floor to make the floor decorative and attractive. The transparent Arturo EP3950 Floor Coating with Ballotini guaranteed a wear-resistant finish and the necessary slip-resistance (R10).

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