At Stadhuis Hengelo the ground floor, pantry, lift cores, public stairways, the stairwell, a part of the first floor and the gangway (connecting bridge) to the monumental town hall are provided with an Arturo polyurethane self-smoothing floor.


Building type Public Area
Date 01.02.2020
Area 900 m² public area and car park ca. 2.200 m²
Country Netherlands

After a construction period of a good two years, Hengelo local authority has recently brought its new council offices and completely renovated town hall into use. The new council offices are located between the current town hall and the Deldenerstraat, and comprise approximately 8,000 m² of office space, 900 m² of public spaces and an underground car park measuring approx. 2,200 m². To meet the authority’s high sustainability ambitions, the building is insulated with flax and provided with triple glazing and LED lighting. There are 260 solar panels on the roof, that is largely a sedum design. On top of all this, sustainable and ecologically responsible finishing materials are used everywhere. This also applies for the self-smoothing floors, carpet tiles, Marmoleum floor finish and tiling. The activities and product deliveries were provided by local partners to the extent possible. This included UZIN UTZ Nederland, who with the brands Uzin, Wolff, Pallmann, Arturo and Codex supplied a comprehensive package of sustainable, innovative and simple to use products and systems for the levelling, adhesion and finishing of various types of surfaces.

Arturo self-smoothing floors

Working by order of the Hengelo local authority (Trebbe Bouw en Van Wijnen) consortium, Qlick Techno from Hengelo provided the ground floor, pantry, lift cores, public stairways, the stairwell, a part of the first floor and the gangway (connecting bridge) to the monumental town hall with an Arturo polyurethane self-smoothing floor. The specialist in synthetic floors, self-smoothing floors and floor renovation also applied a coating system in the underground car park at the new council offices. “A different self-smoothing floor was initially prescribed, but we made a proposal for an alternative and comparable system from Arturo Flooring based on 85% natural raw materials”, explains Daniël Verheij, director/owner at Qlick Techno. “The Arturo PU2060 Self-smoothing Floor comes with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and is AgBB-certified. This means the product suffices with regard to strict emission standards. Producer and supplier of Arturo products UZIN UTZ Nederland is also established in Haaksbergen, just 12 kilometres from the council offices. For the foundations of its new green factory, some years ago UZIN UTZ Nederland used the concrete debris and residual materials resulting from the renovation of the town hall. This was among the factors that won over architect EGM and Hengelo local authority.”

“We selected the right products for this project in close cooperation with Arturo Brand Manager Jeroen Strecker”, explains Verheij. All self-smoothing floors were then laid in four weeks (phased). “First of all we sanded the existing anhydrite covering floors with diamond. Minor repairs were carried out where necessary, after which we applied an epoxy primer and epoxy scratch coat. Then the PU2060 Self-smoothing Floor was applied, with on top a the UV-stable, coloured PU3320 Sealer and the transparent PU7975 Sealer. One special aspect here was the public stairways also being included.” In the underground car park the concrete floor was partly diamond sanded and partly shot blasted, before Qlick Techno provided the floor surface with the water vapour-permeable Arturo EP3600 Floor Coating. All self-smoothing floors, sealers and coatings are provided in RAL 7042 (traffic grey).

Preferred carpet types and colours

The council offices are provided with carpet tiles from the first floor up. Marmoleum was laid in some places such as in the coffee corners. Both the carpet tiles and Marmoleum floor finishes were supplied by Abeln Stoffering in Almelo, that guided the project from the advisory phase up to and including delivery and assembly. “We used a total of 16 types of carpet tiles in different colours with which we created various pattern”, explains establishment manager Ricardo Sjardijn. “One example is in the open-plan offices. We accordingly used 3,335 m² of Interface Paver (4 colours), 571 m² of Interface Moss (5 colours), 133 m² of Interface Sett in Stone (2 colours), 305 m² of Interface Kerbstone (3 colours) and 101 m² of Interface Urban Retreat (1 colour), as well as 71 m² of Interface World Woven carpet planks (1 colour). We also provided all treads from the first floor with Interface Paver carpet tiles. This involved a total of 156 stairs with an average width of 4 metres.”

Abeln Stoffering made use of UZIN U 1000 film for fixing the carpet tiles anti-slip. “The primer chosen was UZIN PE 360 dispersion primer”, explains Sjardijn. “To level the floors we used the self-levelling UZIN NC 160.” Solvent-free UZIN LE 41 was selected to adhere the Marmoleum. “We also used UZIN KE 2000 adhesive for the door mats and UZIN NC 888 for smearing the treads.”

Combination of authentic and new floor finishes

Besides the new construction, Abeln Stoffering was also involved with the floor finish in the 11,700 m²-large town hall. The monumental building dating from 1963 has been given a new functional layout, with the format being retained and strengthened to the extent possible. “Working by order of Koopmans Bouwgroep and Bouwbedrijf Hoffman we laid approximately 2,500 m² of DESSO AirMaster® carpet tiles in the colour 9031, as well as almost 700 m² of Marmoleum”, explains Sjardijn. “The carpet tiles were mainly laid in the office spaces, while Marmoleum was fitted in the lift lobbies, corridor zones and storage spaces. The authentic floor finish was kept in the central spaces where possible. To lay the new floor finishes we uses UZIN PE 360 primer, UZIN NV 110 leveller, UZIN NC 182 filling and smoothing paste, UZIN U 2100 dispersion anti-slip and UZIN LE 41 synthetic resin dispersion adhesive as well as UZIN KE 2000S for the door mats. All products are selected in close consultation with manufacturer and supplier UZIN UTZ Nederland.”
Abeln Stoffering only works with Uzin adhesives and levellers for its projects. This a deliberate choice, says Sjardijn. “As an organisation we set great store by process and product development. UZIN UTZ Nederland is an ideal partner here. The producer and supplier is the front runner when it comes to sustainability, limiting CO₂ emissions and re-use of materials in which we also heavily invest. The project advice and guidance are at a very high level. Working with one supplier also enables us to keep our stocks limited.”

High quality wall and floor tiles

The wet spaces and kitchen at the monumental town hall are provided with high quality wall and floor tiles by Tegelzettersbedrijf Borckink BV. The choice was for tiles from the manufacturer MOSA, being the first company in the world to be certified Cradle to Cradle Silver for nearly its whole collection. “In the wet spaces we laid Mosa Blend and Moss Fuse wall tiles measuring 15x30, in combination with Mosa Terra Greys floor tiles with measurements of 30x30 cm”, explains Raymond Leusink, business manager at Tegelzettersbedrijf Borckink BV. “Tiles in various shades of greys were selected to assure a luxurious appearance. In the kitchen we selected the series of Scenes floor tiles from MOSA, adhered mixed on the wall in a size of 15x15 cm and in colours 6120, 6121, 6122 and 6123.” 

The tiling company from Enter also took care of piecing in the existing natural stone floor. When adhering and pointing the tiles use is only made of sustainable and ecologically responsible products. “Initially ICA Green Building KeraKoll adhesive and joint products were prescribed”, explains Leusink. “Instead we proposed a local and certified alternative; Codex (a brand from UZIN UTZ Nederland) for which a UZIN UTZ Guarantee System is also issued. To adhere and point the wall tiles the choice was for the Codex Power DX 200 paste adhesive in combination with the colouring/joint mortar Codex Color Xtra (silver grey). For the floors we used powder adhesive Codex Power CX3 and the quickly and hydraulically hardened joint mortar Codex X-Tec. In the kitchen we used epoxy Codex X-Fusion. In the new council offices white Mosa Blend wall tiles measuring 15x30 cm and black Mosa Terra Maestricht floor tiles with size 30x30 cm were provided. Here we used the Codex Power DX 200 paste adhesive and Codex Color Xtra (charcoal) colouring/joint mortar for the wall tiles and Codex Power CX 3 flexible thin-bed mortar and Codex X-Tec (charcoal) for the floor tiles.”

“We are increasingly working with Codex products in our projects”, emphasises Leusink. “This is not only thanks to the excellent price/quality ratio, but also because of the excellent workability of the products. Based on the tile choices and surfaces, producer and supplier UZIN UTZ Nederland selected the right adhesives and joint mortars for this project and explained the laying, forming the basis for the successful completion of the project.”

Project information Arturo

Client: Gemeente Hengelo
Architect: EGM Architecten
Processor: Qlick Technofloor
Floor system public areas: Arturo PU2060 Self-smoothing Floor with Arturo PU3320 Sealer and Arturo PU7975 Sealer
Floor system car park: Arturo EP3900 Floor Coating
Kleur: RAL7042

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