Wear-resistant and anti-slip Arturo OS8 Floor System for permanent protection.


Building type Garages & workshops
Area 1.150 m2
Country Germany

Underground car park below inner court 3 at Alte Weberei Lustnau, Tübingen
A new district has been built in the Lustnau area in Tübingen. Approximately 700 people have a new home in the old weaving mill with some 100 jobs being created. The district is located on a large piece of land of approximately six hectares on the former Egeria terry weaving mill site. There is a total of six inner spaces around a central square where the old Egeria building has been retained.

Smart parking
A smart solution also had to be found for parking. Underneath Wohnhof 3, a multi-storey building with residential and commercial space, an underground car park with 49 parking spaces offers enough room for parkingIn the underground car park it is particularly important to protect the floor. The surface is exposed to thermal, mechanical and chemical loads such as fuels, salt for spreading on roads and temperature fluctuations.

Sustainable economic anti-slip Arturo OS8 floor system
The 'Gesellschaft für Wohnungs- und Gewerbebau Tübingen mbH' chose an exceptionally durable and economic solution from Arturo. The 2.5 mm thick wear-resistant and anti-slip OS8 floor system is applied on a 40 cm thick WU concrete floor. To do this, flooring company  Hans-Peter Hoch first applied the Arturo EP6955 Primer OS8 with the addition of 0.3-0.8 mm of fire-dried quartz sand before the surface was sprinkled with fire-dried quartz sand (0.3-0.8 mm). Arturo EP3900 was then used as the top layer. Hollow skirting joints were used in the edging area with the Arturo EP1500 Repair Mortar. The floor was then permanently protected with the guarantee of a long life. Thanks to Arturo’s comprehensive colour palette, clear and simple instructions are used to show drivers the way in the underground car park.

Architectonic underground car park with colour accents
The underground car park was designed by architects Rebmann Rettenmeier and Garcia Elzel in Tübingen. “It was important to the customer to create a clear, modern and transparent atmosphere" says architect Günter Rettenmeier. This was achieved by fitting large round portholes, while creating a contrast between the white partition walls and grey floor surfaces and green markings. Even the driving routes and pedestrian crossings shine green. It is therefore exceptionally well-organised so visitors and users can quickly find their way.


Project information
Building: Underground Car Park, Kusterdinger Strasse 4, Tübingen - Lustnau 
Floorer: Hans-Peter Hoch, Hechingen
Architect: Rebmann Rettenmeier and Garcia Elzel Architecten, Tübingen
Photography: Photo Keidel, Hechingen

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