Good cooperation between the greenest factory and the greenest car company.


Building type Garages & workshops
Area 2.000 m²
FloorerQlick Technofloor, Hengelo

Good cooperation between the greenest factory UZIN UTZ Nederland and the greenest car company in the Netherlands Volvo Harrie Arendsen.

Volvo Harrie Arendsen has been a fixture in the Achterhoek and Twente since 1968. After an intense period of development and construction, Volvo Harrie Arendsen moved to a new-build location in Hengelo, that is entirely fitted out with modern, economical technologies to make the world just that little bit better.

From inspiration to realisation
"UZIN UTZ Nederland may  call itself the greenest factory in the Netherlands. For all aspects of the design the focus was on the most sustainable option for both people and the environment. The greenest factory was also accordingly a big source of inspiration for me. We joined forces to bring together the human side and the technical side of sustainability. My green mission and sustainable ideas were transformed into real technical construction solutions by Maurice Beijk, former sustainability specialist at UZIN UTZ." Hence Judith Arendsen became head of marketing and CSR ambassador.

Maurice Beijk tells about the cooperation: "What I find so fantastic and progressive about Volvo Harrie Arendsen is that they treat their employees, customers and the environment with respect. With the new building in Hengelo a statement is made to the whole car industry."


Specific requirements apply for each floor, its use and the loads. Together with the end user we looked to find the most suitable floor system for each space. This is why the workplace/garage measuring some 1,200 m² at Volvo Harrie Arendsen has a light grey industrial Arturo EP2500 Self-smoothing Floor, sprinkled with Arturo Flakes and finished with Arturo EP3950 Sealer. This floor meets the requirements set for garage floors. For the washing bay the choice was made for the heavy duty Arturo EP1000 Resin Screed with Arturo EP3950 Sealer. The showroom has an aesthetic Arturo PU2030 Self-smoothing Floor with Arturo PU7975 Sealer. The changing room, canteen and passageway have a functional PU2060 Self-smoothing Floor with PU7975 Sealer. Obviously all these Arturo products are fully solvent-free.

Besides Arturo, with the brands Uzin, Pallmann, Codex and Wolff, UZIN UTZ Nederland supplies a complete range for laying, maintaining and renovating of all types of floor coverings, parquet floors, tiles and natural stone. Obviously we were able to use these products for this project. Accordingly, the Uzin products are used for laying the floor covering in the offices and consultation rooms, the Codex products in the showroom and sanitary spaces and the Pallmann products in the showroom.


Project information

Building: autobedrijf Volvo Harrie Arendsen, Hengelo
Contractor: Aannemingsbedrijf J.A. Droste bv, Hengelo
Processor Arturo: Qlick Technofloor te Hengelo
Processor Uzin: Vloerenbedrijf Wassen, Hengelo
Processor Pallmann: Vloerenbedrijf Wassen, Hengelo
Processor Codex: Asschert Tegelzetbedrijf, Neede
Project size: ca 2.000 m² gietvloer
Delivery date: April 2017

Installation systems for screeds, floors and wood flooring

Machinery and special tools for substrate preparation and installation of floor coverings

Complete product range for installation, renovation and maintenance of wood flooring

Resin and cementitious floor finishes combining performance and design

Installation systems for tiling and natural stone

High quality painting, plastering and drywalling tools