Unique floor design matching the house style at WORLD INSIGHT Erlebnisreisen GmbH.


Building type Offices
Area ca. 2.000 m²
Country Germany


With the construction of the new WORLD INSIGHT Erlebnisreisen GmbH commercial building, everything was carefully considered with love and attention right down to the details. There is a functional self-smoothing floor with a timeless appearance that ensures the right balance between "work and conviviality". This is a must for the tour operator! After comprehensive consultation with Arturo and laying company Inside-Plan Flooring Systems GmbH, WORLD INSIGHT selected an exclusive concrete look in natural beige shades. For the meeting and meditation space a warm orange colour to match the house style was chosen. "Our customer wanted a sustainable and low-maintenance floor offering an exceptional experience and increased walking comfort", says Stefan Kühn, business manager at Inside Plan Flooring Systems GmbH from Mühlheim-Kärlich. Ultimately approx. 2,000 m² of Arturo PU self-smoothing floor systems was laid.

For the new World Insight construction the interior had to contribute as much to the experience as the travels they offer. After consultation the choice was made for Arturo PU self-smoothing floor systems. They not only perfectly match the house style, they are also extremely functional and practical.

The Arturo PU2030 Self-smoothing Floor System was applied in a number of layers. For the entrance, offices, kitchen, corridors and sanitary spaces the customer opted for a modern concrete look in natural beige shades (RAL 1019 and RAL 1015).
The two colours are mixed and manually applied. The result is a colour tone, being a type of flame effect, so the floor has a highly individual appearance. In the lounges and the meditation space the warm orange colour creates a relaxed atmosphere that matches the company’s house style.

After the Arturo EP6200 Scratch Coat, the Arturo PU2060 Self-smoothing was applied. "The Arturo PU2030 Self-smoothing Floor can be laid exactly as desired", says Carsten Schreiber, Technical Commercial Adviser at Arturo Duitsland. For the top layer a transparent matt sealer was laid for a clean-lined appearance and extra protection. "This self-smoothing floor system is highly suitable for new constructions, and also for renovation", says Schreiber.

With a modest layer thickness of 2 to 3 mm, the highly elastic Arturo PU2030 Self-smoothing Floor System is also suitable for office buildings. It offers increased walking comfort thanks to its elasticity, is very low-emission, AgBB-compliant and meets the highest quality and health requirements. Because the self-smoothing floor system is applied seamless, it is impermeable, resistant to chemicals, and highly wear- and scratch-resistant. "This makes the floor very easy to clean", continues Schreiber. Another important criteria was the UV-stability.

"The result is impressive! It has a representative, welcoming appearance", says Stefan Kühn, who carried out the work with his team in a little less than a week. The architect, customer and employees are all satisfied with the attractive and practical floor."

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