Arturo Concreta cement-bonded self-smoothing floors set the tone in the Schüco showroom!


Building type Retail
Area (m²) 800 m²
FloorerNatura Bodendesign, Seevetal

Arturo Concreta cementitious self-smoothing floor system sets the tone in the Schüco showroom!
Schüco is an international supplier of windows, (sliding) doors, greenhouses and smart-home products established in Hamburg (DE) in the port area.
Besides a 360-degree view of the port and Hamburg, Schüco has yet another highlight on the 16th floor! The whole floor measuring a good 800 m² has an Arturo Concreta cementitious self-smoothing floor system.

An exhibition space offering a grand experience
So far approximately 2/3 of HafenCity has been provided with Schüco system technology. This makes HafenCity the grandest of exhibition spaces. In combination with the new showroom, in HafenCity architects, manufacturers, investors and construction companies can examine the Schüco systems in detail as an exhibition but also as processed systems. 

Spacious design with aesthetic finish
The new showroom in Hamburg is a combination of an event space, showroom, flexi-work area and espresso lounge. The office spaces and showroom are spread across approx. 400 m². The comprehensive Schüco range is presented here by means of a large exhibition and a spacious corner with samples. The products are suitable for homes and company buildings, but also have themes such as burglary protection and fire safety. 

Unique floor design with natural ambience
Arturo Concreta consists of natural and mineral components such as sand, cement, colour pigment and water. The floor system is laid in a number of layers and is available in 10 trendy colours. During application an attractive and unique shade originates so each floor is given its own natural and robust aura. The low-maintenance surface is UV-stable and can be perfectly combined with underfloor heating.

Excellent properties layer by layer
To apply Arturo Concreta well the surface must be stable, dry, clean and free of cracks and dust. The first layer of Arturo EP6200 Scratch Coat ensures excellent adhesion of the following layer. Then Arturo Concreta is applied in the colour Fossil consisting of a colour pigment mixed with water. Finally the cementitious self-smoothing floor is impregnated with Arturo AC6100 Impregnator and finished with two top layers of Arturo PU7750 Sealer. This gives the floor a beautiful appearance and extra protection!

For the new showroom Schüco wanted a self-smoothing floor that combined functionality with a natural design and durability. Due to high public traffic it was a “must” for the floor to have a long life, be easy to clean and perfectly match the space and surroundings. Arturo Concreta satisfies these requirements in all respects. Based on natural materials the floor system meets the AgBB standards and is EC1 R very low-emission. The cementitious self-smoothing floor with its layer thickness of 4 to 5 mm is also wear-, scratch- and chemical-resistant as well as UV-stable. 

A convincing brand experience
The colour Fossil won thanks to the soft colour shades and discrete surface. The interplay of the floor and the rest of the interior design offers an experience that will certainly make an impression on the customer!

Project information

Client: Schüco Showroom, Hamburg
Floor system: Arturo Concreta cementitious self-smoothing floor in the colour Fossil. System construction: Arturo EP6200 Scratch Coat, sprinkled generously with Arturo sand 0.3-0.8 mm, Arturo Concreta Self-smoothing Floor, Arturo AC6100 Impregnator, Arturo PU7750 Sealer.
Total surface area: approx. 800 m²
Floor laying company: Natura Bodendesign, Seevetal, owner Ejup Hasanovic

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