Unique and prcatical. Arturo floors supply a number of practical and asthetic advantages at the brand new Honda Centre at the Portbury Docks.


Building type Garages & workshops
Area 3,100 m2
CountryUnited Kingdom
FloorerResin Floors Telford

What better way to renovate the new Honda Centre on Portbury Dock than to begin with a beautiful and effective Arturo Epoxy floor.
When Anova Services Ltd approached Resin Floors Telford to create their Honda Garage floor, a full system guarantee from one supplier was specified. This allowed Arturo to step in and help to provide the perfect floor finish.

The job/challenge

To begin with extensive surface mechanical preparation and remedial work had to be carried out to circa 700m² prior to installation as there were multiple areas of weak friable concrete. By removing this Resin Floors Telford were able to provide a smooth aesthetic floor. The 3,100m² area has a lot of footfall and multiple vehicles driving over it every day. This meant the floor had to be very durable.

The solution/Implementation

The first product applied by Resin Floors was UZIN PE425. The water based EP primer penetrates deeply in to the substrate, this leads to a deep reinforcement of the top screed surface.
On top of the PE425, Arturo EP6500 was applied – a two component epoxy primer – and scattered with Uzin Fine Sand to produce a mechanical key for the next layer.
The 3,100m² area has a lot of footfall and multiple vehicles driving over it every day. This meant the floor had to be very durable. The application of UZIN NC770 is perfect when durability is needed. The self- smoothing cement based compound helps to provide a wear resistant floor with good resistance against impact and abrasion. It has good absorbency and high compressive strength. With the addition of the wash bay area, Resin Floors and Arturo needed to supply a durable and heavy duty floor.
Two coats of Arturo EP3900 epoxy high-build coating were applied over the NC770. This gave the final floor a seamless, gloss finish whilst providing a durable and hard wearing floor.
The Epoxy high build coating system was applied to all areas including drive in lanes providing a smooth aesthetic finish to their practical floor.

The Result

The customer was very happy with the finished product. The customer said “The floor was meticulously prepared and the resin surface was applied over 5 days and the result exceeded Anova’s expectations: a superb floor with no evidence of the previously fragmented surface.”

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