In areas with light to medium loads, the Arturo Floor and Wall Coating Systems offer an efficient solution. The use of material is very low and are easy to install. Have a look at our overview of transparent Arturo coatings and sealers

Arturo AC6100

Transparent impregnation coat for decorative self-smoothing microcement as Arturo Concreta Self-smoothing Microcement (1-C, AC)

Arturo EP3950

Transparent sealer with gloss finish (2-C, EP)

Arturo EP7610

Water vapour permeable, transparent sealer with extra matt finish (2-C, EP)

Arturo EP7950

Transparent sealer for Arturo mortar floors with gloss finish (2-C, EP)

Arturo PAS7790

Fast hardening, UV-stable, transparent sealer for inside and outside use with gloss finish (2-C, PAS)

Arturo PU7180

UV-stabel, transparent sealer gloss finish (1-C, PU)

Arturo PU7310

Waterborne, wear-resistant, UV-stable, transparent sealer with matte finish (2-C, PU)

Arturo PU7320

Waterborne, UV-stable, transparent sealer with satin finish (2-C, PU)

Arturo PU7750

Waterborne, UV-stable, transparent sealer with extra matt finish (2-C, PU)

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