New: Arturo EP6700 Primer/DPM and Arturo EP6300 Scratch Coat

We are expanding our sustainable product range with the new Arturo EP6700 Primer/DPM and Arturo EP6300 Scratch Coat. The safety and health of the installers is extremely important, therefore we develop healthy, eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Both products are very low in emissions and meet the strictest regulations such as the AgBB (Ausschuss zur Gesundheitliche Bewertung von Bauprodukten). These requirements ensure that the floor contributes to a safe and healthy indoor climate for the installer and end user.



  • Replaces Arturo EP6950 Primer/Moisture Barrier
  • Multi-purpose: as a primer under coatings, scratch coats, or adhesion layer when sanded on porous subfloors. It is also a moisture barrier for cement bound screeds
  • Safety and healthy: solvent-free and very low emission according to AgBB
  • Can be installed with a roller or a trowel, easy to use and very good adhesion


  • Multi-purpose: scratch coat/primer under Arturo Self-smoothing floors and Coatings
  • Safety and healthy: solvent-free and very low emission according to AgBB
  • Great adhesion, self-smoothing, filling capacity and excellent sealing /pore-filling properties.


Arturo EP6700 Primer/Moisture Barrier

Arturo EP6300 Scratch Coat

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